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True North Collaborative is a partnership of local, Minnesota brands that foster joy while making it easy and fulfilling to make socially-responsible purchases. It was started by a small group of people in Minnesota who believe in shopping mindfully. We love the plethora of local makers in our state and we noticed a synergy among many of them - an effort to produce things without harming the planet, and often in a way that gives back. 


We also noticed synergy in the growing movement to value experiences over things. Even if there are things we need to buy, how might we make the experience of choosing them more delightful?  How might we create joyful encounters that maximize fun? If someone is buying gifts, how might we help them choose gifts that matter?​

We began thinking about how we could answer these questions and bring some of our favorite local vendors to an elevated platform, while creating a truly unique experience for our fellow northerners. Before long, we rolled up our sleeves, and True North Collaborative was born.

We are actively seeking new members to join our team, on both a full-time and seasonal basis.

To learn more, please contact us.




Founding Partner

Michaella is an experience creator with a passion for sustainability. Her career as an event producer and creative place-maker has spanned nearly two decades. She spent 15 years in New York City, and her work has taken her across the United States and as far as Barcelona, Izmir, and Dubrovnik. Upon returning to her home state of Minnesota, she founded Lucent Blue Events where she collaborates with movers and shakers in the Twin Cities on a wide range of projects. She holds a BA from Barnard College at Columbia University and an MPA from New York University.


Founding Partner

Kate is a designer with a passion for connecting and collaborating with motivated business owners — bringing brand's look and feel to life is what she does best! Growing up in Minneapolis surrounded by the creative community she has learned to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into artists pursuing their dreams. Her endless curiosity & passion for multi-faceted design allows her to switch easily between design disciplines — so she can create all touch points of a brand, immersing the consumer in the full brand experience. She offers these services through Design Shop Mpls. She holds a BFA from University of Minnesota.