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The cafe is a space to activate the culinary happenings of the Twin Cities.

As a testing ground for bakers and chefs, the café  brings to life ambitious culinary concepts and connects consumers through local and sustainable stories of diverse foodways. We conceptualize, design, and operationalize pop-up productions for sustainable culinary businesses.

 Summer pop-up case study

She is Love Logo.jpg

She Is Love is a Fair Trade e-commerce platform that features Twin Engine Coffee and artisan-made products. Long a fixture at Twin Cities Farmers Markets, owner Emily Mesch partnered with True North Collaborative to bring She Is Love into a brick-and-mortar space with the hope of opening up a She Is Love shop in the future.


A close to zero-waste pour-over exclusive coffee bar


Hot & Cold Coffee 

(including a signature Shakerato)

Caturra Tea  

+ other drinks and snacks

Collaboration with True North Collaborative:

  • Market Research - strategizing pricing model and local merchandising 

  • Sustainability - planning and managing zero-waste operations 

  • Space Design - incorporating place-making and customer engagement into layout

  • Marketing - ideating and creating marketing materials i.e. a coffee punch card


Inquiring about cafe pop-ups and opportunities

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